My name is Isabella and I am a health instructor from Finland. I just finished my studies (Sports & Health promotion) in Helsinki. I am passionate about helping other people so I knew that being a health coach would suit me really well.

If you ever feel lost, not sure how to eat healthy and exercise, feel free to contact me. For the moment I am writing blog posts on things I find important. In the near future I am going to provide health promotion services such as nutrition advice, exercise programs, stretching advice, finding your balance etc.

What makes me very happy and makes me passionate is yoga, surfing, reading, writing, traveling and being with friends. I know that a lot of people struggle with finding their balance. So do I. But I believe that having other people writing and talking about their daily lives with highs and lows gives other people inspiration. For me at least, that is the case. Hope you will follow me on this journey called life. See you
Hugs/ BlissBella



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